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Masterlist for silberstreif's Journal:

On silberstreif
On AO3: silberstreif

Orns of a tactician:
Prowl is logical, loyal and lonely. Most see in him an emotionless tactician, who does not feel anything as he sends soldiers to their death. Jazz may discover that there is more to the SIC.
Genre: Adventure, drama, friendship.
Status: Ongoing
(Chapter 1)  (Chapter 2)  (Chapter 3)  (Chapter 4)  (Chapter 5)  (Chapter 6)  (Chapter 7)  (Chapter 8)  (Chapter 9)
(On FFnet)

Between death and eternity:
Sometimes, a war is decided by chance encounters and extraordinary persons. Optimus Prime's new consultants definitely fall into the latter category, but their harmless surface hides dark and terrible secrets...
Genre: Adventure, (romance?)
Status: Hiatus
Part One: Iacon (Part 1)  (Part 2)  (Part 3)

Lies and murder:
A deactivated mech is found in an alley and a witness describes Jazz. Though Prowl gives Jazz an alibi. The trouble - he lies.
Genre: Crime, mystery
Status: Complete
(Part 1)  (Part 2)  (Part 3)  (Part 4)  (Epilogue)
(On FFnet)

Soundwave's campaign:
Soundwave wouldn't recommend to live underwater. The only positive thing were the constant beautiful songs from the strange organics in the ocean around them. Then Ratbat had to ask *why* they are singing... the answer was like the flutter of a butterfly's wings.
Genre: Humour, Adventure
(Chapter 1) (Oneshort: White Wilderness)

Lord Darth of Darkness
Everyone uses the online Worlds during recharge, either for learning or entertainment. Prowl has always scoffed at the games, but now his medic made it clear that he needs more fun in life. Determined not to meet anyone he knows, Prowl enters the fantasy World "Black Optics". It's the start of a journey that leads to chaos, mayhem and maybe romance.
Genre: Humour, Romance,Litrpg
Status: Arc 1 complete, is being uploaded; Arc 2 is being written
Arc 1: (Chapter One)
(Lord Darth on AO3)

Universe: Till all are one

Bluestreak's adoption

Praxus' destruction has unleashed the rage of the entire Autobot army. Now, many bloody campaigns later only sorrow and regret are left within Prowl. With his bondmate far away, he seeks a way to calm his spark. Instead he finds a tiny miracle on the edge of death.
Genre: Hurt / Comfort
Status: Not uploaded yet

Starscream's reign
After the Great War Starscream is the new High Lord Protector and defacto ruler of Cybertron. He has it all. Or at least, he thought so. With enemies in his own ranks, allies entirely willing to plant a dagger inside his spark and riots on the street, his new post isn't as sweet as it had seemed. And of course, there is still Skyfire...
Genre: Adventure, Romance
Status: Not uploaded yet

OS: (Starscream's moment of truth): Key moment during Starscream's reign.
OS: Creations of war: Prequel, after Starscream's reign.

The Great War is only a memory now, yet far from being forgotten. As the Enforcers gather to arrest the former Autobot SIC and TIC, they know that this is the beginning of the end of two exceptional sparks. What they don't know is that behind the scenes a master plan is entering its last stages.
Genre: Genre: Adventure, General
Status: Complete
(1. Ironhide)  (2. Sunflare)  (3. Trypticon)  (4. Blaster)  (5. Ravage)  (6. Optimus Prime)  (7. Judge Tyrest)  (8. Mirage)  (9. Ratchet)  (Epilogue)
Add-On: (In a future far, far away)
(On FFnet)

Universe: Radishes

The Ascension
Prowl is the second heir of Praxus and a dutiful creation, but his spark beats for the endless wonders of statistics. Hence, barely out of younglinghood, he is attending the Academy of Statistics and Higher Mathematics as Black Dust. But then his brother, the prime heir, dies and everything starts to fall apart...
Genre: Action, Drama
Status: Complete
Wordcount: ~ 18000 so far
(On AO3) (On FFnet)

The Survivor
Genre: Family, Dama
Status: With beta, complete
Wordcount: ~ 8000

The Medic
Medic TurnUp likes is job and this orn he has a special delivery to the Grand Duke of Praxus. He doesn't expect much besides meeting a stuck-up noble, but reality turns out very differently as he catches a glance behind the mask of his Icy Highness.
Genre: General, Drama
Status: Complete
Wordcount: ~ 6000
(On AO3) (On FFnet)

Jazz's story
Status: Planned

The Celebration
He is Consort to the Lord of Praxus, a position of power and prestige... still, he's unhappy. His icy Lordship shows no interest in him at all and by now Jazz is wondering if Lord Prowl even wants to someday bond with him, or if he's just an excuse to placate the public. The invitation to the celebration of a bonding leads to the chance he has waited for - two orns with his oath-sworn. But is there really hope?
Genre: Slow Romance
Status: Complete
Wordcount: ~ 20,000
(On AO3) (On FFnet)


(Trust betrayed): movieverse, political, drama, Optimus Prime
(A crowded waiting room: Change): pre-war, political, Jazz, Blaster, Reflector
(The Teacher Thundercracker): pre-war, general, Thundercracker, Starscream
(The dreams I always had): pre-war, romance, Jazz/Prowl
(There is no right or wrong): G1, humor, Optimus Prime, Autobot officers
(Once there was an assassin): G1, OC, Meister, Jazz
(The joy of flying): pre-war, humor, Ultra Magnus, Hoist
(Turning in circles): G1, dark, Starscream, Megatron
(The other kind of Sightseeing): G1, humor, kind of voyeurism, Reflector, Devastator, Hound, Mirage
(Side Alley): pre-war, humor, adventure, Prowl/Jazz (multi-chap potential)
(Love Novel): pre-war, romance, Prowl/Jazz (multi-chap potential)
(The spark of the sky): pre-war, Starscream, Skyfire
(Berserker): G1, Prowl, Megatron
(Seeing each other again): AU, dark, Prowl, Megatron
(Free Time in the Rec Room): G1, humor, Prowl, Jazz
(The differences of joy): G1, cultural musings, Prowl/ Jazz, Spike
(The Art of Winning): pre-war, AU, fluff, Prowl/Jazz, Smokescreen
(Above Vos): pre-war, AU, Starscream, Chromedome, political
(Inevitable) (On FFnet): bayverse, drama, Jazz, Sam
(To meet in Kaon): pre-war, AU, social study, Prowl, Jazz
(Downed, but not defeated): G1, humour, Sideswipe, Starscream
(Escaping the past): All/ AU, Soundwave
(Character Study: Firelighter): Baymovies, ze Doktor
(Dare to Dream) (On FFnet): AU, First Meeting, Prowl, Jazz (long!)
(Deadly Disagreement) (On FFnet): IDW G1, earth, Optimus Prime, Jazz
(Thunder of War): AU/pre-war, Songfic, Prowl/Jazz
(Heimat): G1, Astrotrain, beginning of the war
(The Spire): G1, Seeker Trine (can be seen as SS/SW/TC), On Earth
(Decisions of Impact) (On FFnet): G1, war, Prowl/Jazz
(No mercy: Bear witness): G1 cartoon, Autobots, Decepticons, earth, drama (multi-chap potential)
(Ventua Crystaluca): G1, prewar, Prowl/Jazz, humour

Crossovers/ Other:
(The Theft): HP/TF Crossver; Harry Potter: after-books, Megatron: bay-verse

Collaboration with [ profile] pjlover666
(The Intruder): oneshot, AU, Prowl/Jazz, humour
(Cuddles): Series, uncomplete, G1, war, Prowl/Jazz, humour
(Patchwork): series, uncomplete, G1, beginning of war, Prowl/Jazz, Bluestreak!sparkling, romance
(Argumentative Problems): oneshot, pre-war, Prowl/Jazz, fluff, humour
(Bruticus' Catch): oneshot, G1, earth, Prowl/Jazz, humour
(Missed Message): oneshot, AU, war, Prowl/Jazz, spaceships, humour
(Smile): oneshot, G1, war, Prowl, Jazz, psychological
(The Curious Case of Prowl the Drug Dealer): oneshot, G1, earth, Prowl/Jazz, drugs, humour
(We can do it): oneshot, AU, Prowl, Jazz, political content, refugees

Collaboration with [ profile] pjlover666 and Skylar Matthews:
(Thrice the Trouble): series, uncomplete, AU, Prowl, Jazz, Red Alert

Cars that really should be a Transformer:

(Prowl - Acura NSX Honda) (Sideswipe - BMW M1 Concept 2008) (Sunstreaker - Gold Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4)
(Mirage - Mazda Furai)
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