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Title: White Wilderness

Continuity: G1
Characters: Soundwave, Frenzy, Rumble, OC (human)
Rating: PG
Prompt: "White Wilderness" (7th December Advent Challenge [ profile] tf_speedwriting)
Warnings&Beta: none
Note: Part of the Soundwave's campaign verse, but can be read as a standalone too.

Summary: There is too much snow. And Rumble and Frenzy. Soundwave really doesn't like this mission, but he marches on.

White Wilderness )
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Disclaimer: Transformers belongs to Hasbro, and not me.

Beta: none
Rating: G
Character: Soundwave
Note: I think this was a tf_speedwriting response which I didn't upload then...
Words: 261

Summary: He was trying to escape his past, trying to forget. But one can't forget themselves.

Trying to escape the past... )
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When the prompts on [ profile] tf_speedwriting went up, pjlover666 and I were just writing and playing around with TF on We saw the first prompt and decided to give it a try - together. 120 minutes (we really didn't cheat, I swear), two authors, one prompt - the result is this:

Title: Unwelcome guest
Beta: The wonderful Starfire201
Warnings: M (mentions of prostitution, corporal punishments, sex)
Characters: Prowl, Jazz, Soundwave, Frenzy
Disclaimer: Transformers belongs to Hasbro, not me or pjlover666 sadly.

Summary: Some guests invite themselves, especially into Prowl's beloved data banks... but not only into there.

You can read it here on moonwalker's community!

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Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers or any of the fictional characters (besides the whales) below. They're the propety of Hasbro/Takara. This is just for entertaiment.

Titel: Soundwave's campaign

Beta: Starfire201 (note: the first version uploaded, was not the betaed one - this has been corrected)

Warnings: None

Genre: Humour, Adventure

[ profile] tf_bunny_farm, April 18th 2011 by [ profile] kemetic_feline
6. [G1] Soundwave hears some whales singing near the Nemesis. When he spontaneously reads their minds, he is surprised to discover they are
much more intelligent than he first thought, and are acutely aware of current events (and are very gossipy to boot). Seeing whales as a potential source
of useful information, he decides to learn whale-speak.
a. When he succeeds, he suddenly becomes a kind of celebrity among the whales, being the first non-whale to speak their language.
b. The other Decepticons, meanwhile, are ready to strangle him when his "conversations" with his new friends cause them all to lose recharge.
c. I wonder if Soundwave would become fond of the whales (intelligent AND able to make beautiful music). If he did, and he learned how endangered
whales are becoming, would he make any efforts to help in their conservation? *is suddenly seeing Rumble and Frenzy grumpily holding signs that say "Save the Whales" because Soundwave forced them to*

Soundwave's Campaign - Chapter One )

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Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers, Prowl or anything recognizable.
Beta: Starfire201
Warnings: torture, hacking, rape
Summary: Soundwave wants answers, has all the time in the world and no scruples at all how to get them.
Note: Took a bit longer, because I got squeamish about writing torture. I thought I could skip it - but no, I couldn't.

Orns of a tactician - Chapter Eight: Interrogation )



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