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Title: Warmer than Snpw
Fandom Continuity: G1, pre-war
Genre: Humour, Romance
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Beta on AO3: The wonderful wicked3659
Relationships: Prowl / Jazz

Summary: It's snowing, but Helix doesn't care - it's carnival time! Jazz, on the other hand, does care. As an on duty Enforcer he has no choice, but to stand in the cold and watch for threats. If only his new partner Prowl would understand the concept of small talk!

LJ: Part One   LJ: Part Two   LJ: Part Three
On AO3
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Universe: Till all are one
Beta: Starfire201 (Who still endures my mistake - for years now :) )
Continuation: AU, G1
Genre: Adventure, drama
Characters: Prowl, Jazz, many others mentioned

Summary: Now, though, was the time to read their last words. He read. And Cybertron listened.

Epilogue )
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Finally back to weeks with reasonable work hours. ^^ It's time to upload!

Universe: Till all are one
Beta: Starfire 201
Continuation: AU, G1
Genre: Adventure, drama
Characters: Prowl, Jazz, Blaster, Rook, and several others

Above them, Blaster's helmet met the transparent wall with a loud clang. “They have gone mad. Completely crazy with bonkers on top.” )

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Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers, Jazz or anything recognizable.

Continuity: Pre-G1
Characters: Jazz, Blaster, Reflector
Rating: PG
Prompt: Setting: A crowded waiting room (31st-March-2012: Prompt 1)
Warnings: none
Summary: A crowded waiting room as the Golden Age is waning.

Tha ks for the beta work by the wonderful Starfire201.

A crowded waiting room )



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