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Because, obviously, silberstreif went insane. Or rather I missed the [ profile] tf_speedwriting community with its short and regular prompts, but I guess in the end only really [ profile] rose0mary and I were around, and I definitely wasn't as regular as [ profile] rose0mary. Still, I enjoyed those times a lot and I couldn't forget the one flash fic I did for it...

And so the brilliant idea to host a challenge for people like me was born!

Transformers Flash Fic Challenge!

The TF flash challenge is for all those who love challenges, prompts and have little time to do them!

The goal: Produce 4 one shots (one for every week in October) about your favourite Transformer character that are exactly 500 words long.

There will be 4 very different prompts to choose from every week. You can complete one per week, or upload them all at the end of October. You can find all prompts in the Profile / Intro on AO3!
Link to the Challenge!

Please check it out and join!
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Another share by me. I thought the community a pretty cool idea. It gives weekly prompts of various kinds. Sure, it's a TF community, but so far the prompts seen quite neutral and definitely got my muse active. :) I probably will enter next week... or this week, when I manage to find the time.

Originally posted by [ profile] pl2363 at New community announcement!
Hey there! Just wanted to announce a new community for fic and art prompts! [ profile] tf_promptorama features weekly prompts of various kinds to encourage those creative bunnies.

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OTW has pointed out something interesting: Fandoms are a lot more international than anything else. :)

Originally posted by [ profile] otw_staff at OTW Fannews: Sharing Fandom

Banner with text that reads OTW Fannews Sharing Fandom

Writer Shawna Benson examined patterns of fandom growth and activity that she'd observed while moderating social media for The 100's Writers’ Room, as well as social media lessons learned. "Yes, we sell the US shows to other countries, but what do we do to accommodate those fanbases which spring up in other countries? Suddenly, the 'official' accounts feel less useful. They don’t get the CW in the UK, Australia, Brazil, France or Spain, or even Canada — the main countries which outside of the U.S. watch The 100. How do we accommodate those fans? The official accounts are restricted in this. Guess what? Writers’ rooms are not."

Yes, fandom is international & that means sharing with everyone & finding ways to overcome confusion.
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There are many Germans that write fanfictions. And many German journalists. But usually journalists don't write about fanfiction.

A journalist of Spiegel-Online did.

Let's applaud the bravery to write about a subculture which is every bit as loyal to itself as the 'Gamer subculture'. With less rape threats, yes, and less youtube videos about problems, but we're still here and connected to each other. We notice.

Let's hope for a second for an understanding article. Maybe about the fact that there is a netiquette that concerns fanfiction warnings, that many find comfort in stories, acceptance within the community and strength for their real life problems, or the small fact that by now many authors endorse fanfiction. Let's fantasie for a moment, that she might talk about the new movement behind AO3, polls that show a fascinating diversity of the fandom or papers that describe fandoms as an important part of culture.

Let's read the first paragraph. And feel the hopes burn.

It begins with two paragraphs of an Edward / Bella fanfic. The first are now already screaming in revulsion (why Twilight?!), others might look closer in interest, after all Twilight is a big and active fandom. Our jounalist, Vivian Alterauge, remarks that fans didn't want to accept that the bookseries ended and simply wrote on. In this case, an AU fanfic in which Bella is an abuse victim and Edward an ageing doctor. Certainly not the worst Twilight plot out there, but most fanfiction authors would say there is a slight difference between continuing a series and writing an AU.

It can only get better might the naive reader think.

Or not. After an explanation what fanfiction is (Subculture, NOT mainstream even though everyone in my age that I met knows it) and a mention of "Shades of Grey", our highly respected and admired journalist decides to get to the meat of her story - the helpless fanfiction author, who sadly had filled out her profile with the unfortunate mention of "mood swings" and that she is 27. Because moodswings add to the understanding of an entire fandom and its people. We - the fanfiction authors - are all subject to those and can only hope to have the excuse to be a teenager.

Sentences that barely scratch past being an accusations ("the literary work isn't untouchable", "suddenly on eye level with the book writers", "somes ideas are stolen, sometimes the own fantasy is enough") go on to explain that fanfiction became a mass phenomenon in the last decade and that there are several websites. The most famous German one is

What followed was enough for Helge, the owner of said website, to write his own wonderfully sarcastic blog post (which you can find here: - read it, it's worth it!) that he might disagree with his website being called amateurish, or having the charm of a telephone book. Maybe, just maybe, the website has a whole army of moderators who are polite and helpful and watch very, very well over the rules. Not to mention that anything above PG18 can only be accessed if your ID card has been verified.
Vivian Alterauge has certainly not taken the time to research the website beyond visiting it for 30 minutes. After all, she claims that no one checks on the age-limits beyond the author and the reader. If that were true, my fanfic "Felder der Dunkelheit" would've been never deleted. And I admit, freely and openly, it was my fault.

The train wreck of professional journalism continues. After writing how many fanfics are listed, making fun of profile pics and pennames, and of the reviews that are all just squeals and never in-depth discussions and the beginnings of friendhips, Vivien Alterauge concludes that amazon endangers the subculture and that there is a bit remaining bad conscience stemming from copyrigh laws.

And then! - Not the end, because that just couldn't have been bad enough. Let's simply mention two other fanfics (Kafka and LotR) and make fun of them, because obviously the word limit wasn't reached yet and she needed to write something, anything.

But now, the end. And the realisation that her twitter account is offline since 4pm today. I guess, I know why.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

I hope you're happy with the fandoms you've received and maybe inspiration has already striked you. If not... well, I admit that could easily happen, because I forgot to add any description to my fandoms. I wanted to add them later, because it was my first Sign-up ever, but I forgot. Good thing is, I like a LOT of things and I'm already giddy with the mere thought of you writing anything for me. Really, I'll be happy with anything. :)

About romance: I like everything, but rape, power imbalance and A/B/O.

Still, I thought a few more prompts might help you. If not, because you already began writing, just ignore them. ^^

1. Dresden Files

There is absolutely NO character in Dresden Files that I do not love. Serioulsly, I'm a huge fan and I read nearly everything. That said, I'm also a huge fan of worldbuilding, politics, and character studies. :) I think Ivy was given as a character option, and I love her a lot. It would be cool to see how she manages a day, or how she sees Dresden from afar. Though I really like Mab too. Now that's a badass female character, isn't she? Still, Dresden Files... it's the world I love and Dresden and everything else and I'll read everything with a huge smile.

2. Emelan - Tamora Pierce

I'm actually quite sure that this series was only called Emelan in Germany? :) I read the series first when I was 12 and it never really let me go. I have all books in German and English and have bought all other books of Pierce too... just because of Emelan and its first four books. The later books with their apprentices were nice, but not on the same level of greatness. (Though the Dhana books were absolutely awesome too). Anyway, I really love our four main heroes, but the most I love Tris. She's this nerd, with a strange power, who was seen as insane and partly believed that herself. In the second book (Tris' book) she simply rocked. What I really, really want to see is the four of them working together like the natural desaster they can be. Together they're the strongest mages ever, so it would be awesome to see that reflected it some way.

3. October Daye Series

The Luidaeg is a fasincating character, that I love, especially after having read her short story. (if you like the series but haven't read "In Sea-Salt Tears" yet, I recommend you to. It's a story about love and heartbreak and I fear that we'll see the ultimative end in the series. And it'll be no happy end)  I really wonder what she's seeing within Toby. Other characters of the series are more than fine too, especially because I have barely read any fanfiction of them yet. For example Toby really seems kind of collecting princes and princesses, by now, isn't she? ^^ Do they have maybe a Toby Day's royal club where they discuss the finer points of ruling and living nearby of Toby? Or what's up with that naming people after months? Is it really just chance? Because by now we have five month named people, not exactly few... okay, my mind is running away with me...
Conclusion, I love them all and they all deserve a bit more of a spotlight than they usually get.

4. Devil Went Down to Georgia

I love the song. My mother always had it on during long car rides and I loved it and the concept. When I saw it offered as a fandom, I couldn't resist at all. I have no wishes here, because I think to see even a story itself would make me happy beyond belief.

5. Transformers IDW - Arcee

Anyone who has read my profile knows I like Transformers.  Especially Prowl, yes, but the whole IDW universe is fascinating to me. It's darker, it's realistic and most characters show some depth. Still Arcee in IDW is a character I never could quite grasp, while liking her a lot and I would really like to see some other author's take on on her.

6. Bravely Default - Flying Fairy

I'm currently playing the game in chapter eight (near the end) and are completely obsessed. What's going on? Am I destroying these worlds or not? etc. It's a good thing you don't have me added on What's App or I would keep you non-stop updated where I'm going, who I defeated and just how awesome the game is. The thought of a sequel / whole series? Made me ecstatic and I really hope I get to play it some day... probably around 2016. But I'll wait that long for sure.
About the prompt: The four main characters are really easy to like, Ringabel especially. He wents through such a big personality change during the game. In many ways Tiz and Agnes have it easier. All they care about are dead and stay dead (well, both have one exception...), while Ringabel and Edea non-stop have to fight /kill those they love... Can't be easy for Ringabel too, to constantly see Alternis commiting suicide. Especially, when he understands Alternis' motives as intimately as he. Still not knowing the end here, but I'm sure that will change before the weekend is over.
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My dear Laptop,

I've had you now for a little bit over 15 months, and we had a wonderful time together. We've shared joy and sorrow, created wonderful epic stories and laughed about stories that we erased before anyone could see them. In short, I thought we had a working relationship and was looking forward to the coming years.
What happened?
Last Friday, I took you out of my bag - Laptop bag, bought just for you! - and wanted to activate you, but your screen remained an unpenetratable black. Not even a black and white DOS-screen, or the much feared Blue Screen. No, that was all too much bother for you. You always preferred the simple, efficient way. So I guess, this is your way of saying: I quit.
Okay. I can survive this. I have a mobile phone for internet. I have my old notebook, that always had a much nicer colour than your boring black. I have options!
But here is the unforgiveable sin: You took my data with you.
If we have to break up like this, if you have to suddenly move out of my life, couldn't you have given a sign, so I could have saved what is mine? What we painstakingly created together?
Now, I'm sitting here and wondering what I have done wrong. Didn't I update your firewalls? Your anti-virus programm? Did I let you fall one time too often? Did I carry you around too often? The one time in the rain, was that too much for you?
You're now out of my hands, your data and future resting with uncaring foreigners that I'm paying to repair you.
I'm hoping for the best. After all, I'm missing you, your wonderful touch screen and the data you hide inside.

Your sad owner
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Well, I didn't expect this. :D II have to admit I love Picard...

You are Jean-Luc Picard
Jean-Luc Picard
Geordi LaForge
Will Riker
Deanna Troi
Beverly Crusher
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Mr. Sulu
Mr. Scott
A lover of Shakespeare and other
fine literature. You have a decisive mind
and a firm hand in dealing with others.

Star Treck Quiz
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I found a journal and it was mine...

I really forgot that I created this Journal back in 2009.  Over two years later, I find a use for it.

So, I will probably start uploading a few fanfictions here.

Until then.



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