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Well, here comes the end of The Celebration... it always makes me sad and happy to finish a story.

Title: The Celebration
Series: Radishes

Beta: Starfire201
Continuation: AU, Noble Verse
Genre: Slow Romance
Warning: none
Characters: Prowl, Jazz

Summary: He is Consort to the Lord of Praxus, a position of power and prestige... still, he's unhappy. His icy Lordship shows no interest in him at all and by now Jazz is wondering if Lord Prowl even wants to someday bond with him, or if he's just an excuse to placate the public. The invitation to the celebration of a bonding leads to the chance he has waited for - two orns with his oath-sworn. But is there really hope?

The Epilogue "Mercury" on AO3
And on

But every end is also a new beginning, so I start with the story about Prowl's past - The Ascension!

Title: The Ascension
Series: Radishes

Beta: Starfire201
Continuation: AU, Noble Verse
Genre: Drama
Warning: none
Characters: Prowl, Smokescreen, Hoist, Flatline, Original Characters

Summary: Prowl is the second heir of Praxus and a dutiful creation, but his spark beats for the endless wonders of statistics. Hence, barely out of younglinghood, he is attending the Academy of Statistics and Higher Mathematics as Black Dust. But then his brother, the prime heir, dies and everything starts to fall apart...

The first Chapter on AO3
And also on


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